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“Build it and they will NOT come!”
Clear Moon Studio
 offers the following services to help you attract more targeted traffic to your website, and convert those visitors into customers.

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Digital marketing services

Clear Moon Studio offers the following services to help you attract more targeted traffic to your website, and convert those visitors into financial gains.

From initial consultation, services are put together to create a custom solution based on your needs, and are professionally managed by our experienced team.

Search engine optimisation

Get found on search engines with our SEO services

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We can identify the right search terms you need to be targeting, optimise your website for those terms, and help you build an audience around related topics…. having your website rank higher for many variations of search terms to bring your website more traffic. 

Social media services

Expand your reach and nurture your contacts

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 Do you know you should be using social media, but can’t be bothered or don’t have the time? Or maybe you have tried it and got nowhere?

We find this is typically due to trying to sell to much, rather than showing your target audience you are an expert or specialist in your field.

We offer social media services to jump start your efforts by learning about your business and making relevant posts to your business social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also approve all posts through our social media posting platform, and easily make your own posts.

Don’t have a business page? We can also set these up for you to professionally match your brand.


Live chat

Interact live with your website visitors

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Improve your sales by capturing more of the 95-98% of your site visitors who do not choose to contact you.

Our live chat service enables a ‘chat with us now’ button on your website so visitors can talk one-on-one with you or your representatives.

You can even ‘invite’ visitors to chat by alerting them in their web browser.

We also provide a web-based operator console to see visitors in real-time seeing where they are from, how they found you, the pages they are viewing, and much more.

Audience analytics

Digital intelligence on what is happening

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Want to know where your website traffic is coming from, and which of your marketing efforts are generating more prospects?

Our custom web analytics service provides easy to understand reports that are delivered to you daily, weekly or monthly.

These reports will give you the ‘intelligence’ you need to track your marketing campaigns with confidence, or just learn more about your website visitors in terms of location, demographics, interests, etc.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click (PPC) ads to bring you new leads

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We offer services to build and manage PPC campaigns so that your offerings can appear for the right audience at the right time. This inexpensive form of advertising can be done on search engines and other targeted websites.

Email marketing

Email marketing campaign services

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We provide email marketing services to help you:

  • Capture website visitors through email lists
  • Create beautiful email template designs in your brand
  • Help you plan and manage your email messaging to your current and prospective customers
  • Create automated campaigns based on your current website content

Website conversions

Improve your website leads and sales

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We provide services to help you increase the number of website visitors that contact you, or purchase from your website. These can include customer surveys, usability improvements, or A/B or multivariate testing of different messaging.

Inbound marketing / content creation

Help creating interesting content for your audience

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We can help you drive more customers to your website by creating related blog posts and press releases to keep your site current, share on social media channels, and build an audience around topics related to your business.

Training and workshops

We can help train you and your staff on the best use of social media, SEO and website content creation. Contact us for more details.

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