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Written by John Sharkey

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1 September, 2015

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After evaluating several different systems, we are happy to announce we have partnered with JivoChat to bring you new tools to increase online leads and sales.

JivoChat is an online chat service for websites which allows you to capture the 95-98% of typical website visitors who do not contact or purchase from you online. It ticked all the boxes to meet our needs, such as:

  • A live chat service that works well with our Mango River CMS. This enables us to provide you rapid setup and support where needed to create a chat window that perfectly matches your website’s design.
  • An agent console that allows you to talk to website visitors through just about any device, including a web browser, Mac, or PC; and even on the go with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!
  • A service that delivers secure conversations, and works with SSL encrypted websites. This is important with Google now giving preference to secure websites.
  • Client tested: hundreds of thousands of websites use the system.
  • Automatic integration with Google Analytics, so we can easily setup live chat goal tracking. This allows us to setup reports for you to see what sources generated chats, learn what interests your audience, and put more energy/resources into what is building your audience/leads/sales.
  • Very competitive pricing that is affordable to small to medium size business owners, starting at only $10 USD per month.

We’ll be offering services for JivoChat such as installation and setup, so that you can get started quickly. JivoChat also comes with great support and helpful documentation.

There are many other features such as chat transcripts, web IP phone calls through your website, proactive chats, service quality ratings, and much more. Please see this short video about the service below:

If you are interested in having us set this up on your website, please contact us!

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