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Website design and hosting

Full Service Website Design

Clear Moon Studio provides complete services for custom website design, development, hosting and maintenance. This includes development techniques such as responsive design so your website will display properly on mobile devices. You’ll get the advanced features you need with the ongoing support to maintain and market your website.

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All websites are responsive and mobile-friendly to look great on all devices and come with enhanced security features such as SSL certificates.

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All the features you need…. plus!

Located in Surrey, UK we provide web design to the world, specialising in sites that can mix and match features into a custom presence. Something missing? We can very likely add it to your custom web build.


Publish all media types

Easily build out content with all types of media including text, images and video

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We build custom websites with our content management system (CMS) being one of the easiest to use. It comes with features allowing you to:

  • Easily add text, images, files and embed video
  • Manage pages and blog posts
  • Have as little or as much control over content as you wish
  • Add functionality as needed such as events calendars, staff lists, eCommerce etc.
  • Add content feeds and integrations from third-party sources such as social media channels or other websites
  • Keep the system simple by only displaying the features you want and need

Lead generation

Websites built to generate leads to provide more customers

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Lead generation websites that:

  • Identify high traffic landing pages and conversation paths for optimisation
  • Create effective landing pages and calls to action (CTA) to meet your business goals
  • Have a well-maintained blog with interesting content
  • Offer premium content such as e-books 
  • Have forms designed to make it easy for visitors to contact you
  • Integrate with other capture systems such as email campaign software, social media or CRMs
  • Have a live chat system to capture visitors and their questions
  • Perform A/B tests with different messaging or designs to see what drives conversions

Audience building

Audience growing through strategies such as content marketing, blogs and social media

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Audience growing websites have features such as:

  • A blog with topical categories that allows non-technical users to easily add high-value content and interact with users through commenting
  • Highly search engine friendly coding and features to optimise pages
  • Easy to build landing pages for online campaigns
  • Calls to action and contact forms that can be added without designers or programmers
  • Integration with social media channels for more engagement and audience building
  • Allow visitors to easily share content with their friends and groups
  • Create different types of custom page templates for interest and effective communication of key content


Events calendar & bookings

Promote, sell and manage your events completely through your website

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Promote and manage events by:

  • Easily creating attractive looking events with custom fields and layouts to match your brand
  • Handle virtual events with ease, integrate with your preferred video conference platform like Zoom
  • Display event list and calendars on your site in key areas, by category, or promote key events on high-traffic pages
  • Manage attendees with attendee lists per event, downloadable lists, and attendee email confirmations and reminders
  • Sell and manage events with booking features including custom registration forms, secure payments, invoices, and ticket with QR codes for easy check-in
  • Allow certain website roles to submit events for approval and publishing by event managers
  • Integrate your events system with payment systems, third party calendars, social media channels and email campaign software

Membership websites

Subscriber (both free and paid) with private content and premium member-only features

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Membership or subscription-based websites can have the following capabilities:

  • Access to member-only content, typically for a monthly or annual subscription payment
  • Content-dripping to only show restricted content after a certain amount of time
  • Self-service member portal
  • Membership levels with access to different content
  • Community features to see some other member information, have forums
  • Have your own social media network within the website membership with options including profiles, connections, groups, notifications, activity streams, and private messaging
  • Integration with email campaign software

Audience analytics

Custom audience analytics delivered to your email to measure effectiveness and ongoing improvement

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We provide audience analytics services to include:

  • Custom website reports with the information included that is meaningful to you
  • Goal setting to help generate measurable and key metrics such as lead generating, email sign-ups, or sales
  • Reports delivered to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule as needed
  • Real-time reports available on demand
  • Audience stats such as repeat use, geo, demographics, interests, and use of mobile
  • Acquisition stats to show where the traffic originated, such as which social media platform, search engine term, website referral, email campaign or web ad campaign
  • What content is of most interest, and what content leads to goals being triggered
  • Campaign tracking to measure the ROI for your paid web ads, PPC, display network ads and paid search ads
  • Stats on what search terms were used within your website

Beautiful, intuitive design

Designs that not only build credibility by looking good but are highly usable

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Highly credible websites that:

  • Have high-quality content, imagery and design effects
  • Recognise users scan more than read on the web, are mostly impatient and want control, and follow their intuition
  • “Don’t make users think” by following usability design best practice
  • Focus users attention where you want it
  • Make use of effective writing that is more to the point and jargon-free
  • Implement user testing and feedback for constant improvement

Ecommerce and revenue generating

Ecommerce and features to sell products, digital goods (such as ebooks), advertising space, or more

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Websites with revenue-generating features such as:

  • Package and sell your services via an online shop or store
  • Deliver online courses or training
  • Paid webinars, both live and on-demand webinars with recorded sessions and auto-generated transcripts
  • ebooks, which can take the form of guide books, list books, tips books, single big idea, experts book (interview and summarise), Q&A book, in depth reports or how-to or self-help PDFs
  • Sell physical products, ship and track inventory
  • Manage customer orders and financials

Online courses and training

Create an online learning environment in your brand, with controlled paid access

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Online course features:

  • Create custom courses that match your brand
  • Easily create and organise content into a curriculum
  • Add rich content such as video, quizzes, surveys and discussions
  • Easily update course content in one place that is sold to multiple subscribers
  • Offer training to your existing customers or suppliers
  • Extend your customer base with online training products
  • Have video content is hosted for free, which really helps keep it behind a paywall
  • Have prerequisite lessons
  • Use multiple instructors
  • Drop schedule content/lessons to appear over time, great for membership sites
  • Use features to keep students engaged such as progress indicators, unlimited replays of course material, completion pages and certificates, automated check-ins and progress and reminder emails
  • Build a course web sales page
  • Use features to help market and sell your course

Intranet & extranet sites

Create a website for employees or third-parties with file sharing, communication and collaboration

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Intranet/extranet features can include:

  • A completely private web space for your employees, suppliers, referral network or target group
  • An internal knowledge base to centralise information and processes
  • Custom digital forms for efficient processes
  • Organisation news from the top and key areas
  • Integration with secure video broadcasts and conferencing
  • Integration with other file sharing and apps such as Google Drive and Apps, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams
  • Employee directories
  • Group chats, forums, wikis and private messaging
  • Your own internal social network in your brand
  • Team websites
  • Integration with HR functions and portals
  • Single sign-on authentication flow that allows Microsoft Office 365 / Azure AD users to sign into your Intranet using their corporate work or school account

Workshops, training & support

We provide staff technology support, training and workshops to help you succeed

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We support all website builds with services including:

  • Support documentation and videos for how to use the systems
  • Live webinar delivered training and workshop sessions
  • Recorded training sessions for those that missed the session

Fast & secure web hosting

Completely managed and secure website hosting and maintenance on high-performing platforms

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  • High-speed hosting from SiteGround’s Google Cloud ultra-fast network with SSD persistent storage and a 100% green energy match.
  • Top security with 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
  • SSL (secure sockets layer) data encryption with HTTPS secure connections standard on all websites.
  • Daily backups with 30 copies kept in the data centre, with an additional quarterly permanent backup kept off-site, and backup restores available as needed.
  • The content management system stores page versions and allows you to easily restore a page from a previous version.
  • High redundancy and availability with fast connectivity and low latency.
  • UK and US-based data centres and a CDN network with 194 locations worldwide.
  • Multilayered security with limited server room access, 24/7 security teams, encrypted infrastructures, malware scanning, and advanced tools such as phishing-resistant security keys.
  • Website maintenance plans include security patching of all software and upgrades to the latest stable versions. Staging servers are used to test major upgrades.
  • Sophisticated IDS/IPS systems that block malicious bots and attackers.
  • Security experts track vulnerabilities daily and write regular patches to web application firewalls.
  • Integrated malware scanner blocks requests that include malicious code or content.
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts.
  • Available two-factor authentication (2FA), one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication available via any TOTP-based authenticator app or service.
  • See more details on the SiteGround data centres we use and their security measures.

Training and workshops

We provide website documentation, training and workshops to existing customers but can also provide this service to others that need help training staff to use their website. See the example training video below.

Connect with users on every platform

All websites are responsive and mobile-friendly to look great on all devices and come with enhanced security features such as SSL certificates.


Recent Work

The Fintry Trust

  • Registered charity
  • Brand identity
  • Website design & development
  • eCommerce site
  • Selling of live Zoom webinar events
  • Selling of audio/video recordings
  • Charity donations and Gift Aid
  • Events calendar and booking management system
  • Knowledge base (Wisdom Resources)
  • Social media and email campaign integration

Success stories

At the start of 2020 the Fintry Trust launched a new website, just in time, in the light of Covid-19, to mount our education programme online. Not only was the new website elegant and beautifully designed, but it then suddenly had to handle hundreds of course enrolments and sales. This it did without missing a beat.

Clear Moon Studio is a formidable company: it combines a wealth of technical knowledge with a very special talent for design. Yet John and Amanda also provide truly sensitive and empathetic client support. We will always be indebted to them for putting these talents at our disposal - along with their seemingly endless reserves of patience. What more could clients ask for?

Julie Parker

Manager, The Fintry Trust

Clear Moon Studios has supported our company for the past 7 years, developing every aspect of our web design, functionality, graphics and online support.

As we have grown and adapted our work, Clear Moon Studio has adapted with us. Their high standards, expertise and patience have all been greatly valued during our time together.

When technical challenges arise, the team at Clear Moon Studio have responded quickly and effectively every time.

Sincere thanks to all involved and I hope we can continue our work together for many more years to come.

Matt Clarke

Managing Director, Switched On Global Ltd

John was fantastic in helping us implement a new CRM system and website over a two year project. We brought him in for his digital expertise, which we lacked in-house, and John provided invaluable advice, particularly on how to manage a website delivery, and also a lot of hard work! John was a great addition to the project team - he was patient and flexible with our shifting timelines, always good humoured and we quickly learnt to rely on him for his expertise. Now the project has finished we are working with John to improve the SEO on our new site and he has been wonderful in providing seamless support from project end to ongoing website management - it's really helped staff with the transition to a new system. I have absolutely no reservations recommending John as a consultant for any digital project, he was a real asset to our team and we will miss working with him.

Communications Manager

The Society For The Protection Of Ancient Buildings

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