Beware of this current WordPress phishing scam!


Written by John Sharkey

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5 December, 2023

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Attention WordPress website users: beware of the latest phishing scam!

We take your online security seriously, which is why we want to alert you about a potential threat targeting website users. Recently, a cunning scam has emerged, known as the fake CVE-2023-45124 phishing scam. This devious scheme tricks unsuspecting users into unwittingly installing a backdoor plugin on their websites, compromising their security.

In short, if you get an email like the one shown below, ignore it and do not click the link to download the plugin.

To fully understand the nature of this threat, we encourage you to read this detailed guide provided below by Wordfence, a renowned cybersecurity company. You’ll find valuable insights and practical advice on how to protect your website from falling victim to this phishing scam:

PSA: Fake CVE-2023-45124 Phishing Scam Tricks Users Into Installing Backdoor Plugin

At Clear Moon Studio, we prioritize your peace of mind when it comes to website security. Our dedicated team of experts are constantly monitoring the ever-evolving online threats to ensure your website remains safe and secure. With our comprehensive website maintenance services, you can stay one step ahead and protect your online presence.

Don’t let hackers and scams invade your digital landscape. Stay informed, be vigilant, and choose reliable website maintenance services for the utmost protection!

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